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Bay Craft is crafted by an experienced boat engineer dedicated to building the most innovative and durable shallow water, flats and bay fishing boats on the market.

  Still under the same ownership for over 30 years, Bay Craft has always built the best quality flats fishing bay boats in the market, holding their value.

How do we stay so competitive? 

No fancy showroom overhead passing saving on to you.

The comfort and ease of shopping with no pushy salesman or commissions. 

No third party dealer fees.

 That's Bay Craft!

Knowing you got the best value with complete transparency.

Bay Craft builds and designs with you in mind.

Giving you, the consumer the best price and quality.

 Keeping the quality and value where it counts, in the boats

not the showroom, media or propaganda. 

We keep it simple to pass along the saving to you.

 That's Bay Craft!

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